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Estimating Software Projects

Vital Choices, Credible Estimates: Certainty Transforms Software Development Projects

The outcome of your next software project is no mystery

Watch this quick video, and within less than five minutes, you’ll see why SEER for Software clients say Galorath’s SEER for Software simply makes software projects more successful.

Project professionals face an endless vista of high-stakes forks in the road. Estimating, planning, analyzing, and managing complex software development projects feels like trailblazing through a dense jungle without a map. Right choice, you live another day; wrong choice, and your credibility, funding, and success record tumble over the side of a steep drop-off, landing with a thud.

“The single most important task of a project: setting realistic expectations… Unrealistic expectations based on inaccurate estimates are the single largest cause of (project) failure.” Futrell, Shafer and Shafer, Quality Software Project Management

What If You Could Buck the Trend of Project Failure?

It doesn’t matter the size of the software project – setting realistic expectations is always more complicated than it seems. Everywhere you turn, you’re required to produce iron-clad answers the rest of your organization can count on, even when the project’s requirements and resources are in flux.

It’s no wonder a recent survey by Gartner reported that an average of 20% of software projects fail – and the bigger the project, the higher the failure rate.

Will your next software development fail because of functionality issues, high cost variance, cancellation during delivery, or because they’re just not ready on time?

All You Have to Do Is…

Find a way to ensure you can foresee the unexpected, the unfeasible, the unachievable… and make a plan that works in reality.

SEER for Software equips you to make better decisions… even when you’re aiming at a moving target. What would happen with your next software development project if you could:

  • Produce credible estimates based on a vast knowledge base built on the cold, hard numbers and data of projects highly-relevant to the one you’re planning?
  • Provide rock-solid data to back the decisions you make in the planning process?
  • Create verifiably realistic and achievable project plans?
  • Evaluate impacts and trade-offs on cost and timeline of alternatives… instantly?
  • Garner data gathered from thousands of completed software system projects and use it to provide invaluable insights to decision-makers?

What Would Happen If You Could See the Road Ahead?

You’d shift from working against the clock and against the odds to working with the almost unfair advantage of having a crystal ball in hand.

You wouldn’t be alone, though. Here’s how other companies in the software development world have used SEER for Software to address the same issues you face every day:

  • Eliminate Uncertainty with Accurate Forecasts Thousands of users use SEER on of projects to forecast real-world outcomes by estimating software project costs, schedule, effort, reliability and risk.
  • Lead the Project with Detailed, Achievable Project Plans SEER users not only produce highly-accurate cost and schedule estimates, they’re also able to use the estimates they create to produce actionable project plans – the kind of remarkably detailed plan that is fit to drive the project to completion.
  • See Around the Curves for Superior Project Monitoring and Control Rather than relying on the usual rearview mirror approach to project management afforded by traditional methods, SEER users have the agility advantages of foresight. With SEER for Software, development drivers such as defect discovery and removal rates as well as scope creep become transparent, predictable, and manageable, never to take you by surprise again.
  • Boost Confidence with Verifiable Reasonableness Every organization knows capturing benchmark data and applying it is a powerful way to make estimates for each new project more accurate than the last – and prior to using SEER for Software, that’s always been easier said than done. Built on a rich repository of industry-specific project histories, the estimates SEER produces will stand up to the most rigorous analysis. You’ll know what it should cost, period.

  • Clear Foresight Also Means You Can Move Faster

    Remember playing Blind Man’s Bluff as a kid? Blindfolded and spun around until you lost your sense of direction, the safest path was one you took slowly. Catching the other kids was tough because you couldn’t see.

    But if you could just lift the blindfold, victory would be within reach.

    It’s the same with project estimation. SEER for Software clients report dramatic increases in the confidence and speed of estimate and proposal creation. Here’s what they’ve discovered:

    • They SEE whether their internal development teams’ cost and schedule estimates are on-target, because they can perform should-cost analyses quickly and easily.
    • They NEGOTIATE better with outside vendors because all they have to do is run a quick, proactive, real-time assessment to gain certainty about what’s reasonable.
    • They KNOW, with uncanny accuracy, what their competitors are likely to deliver in estimates.
    • They SUCCEED in producing more winning proposals faster than their competitors, and with full confidence that the estimates behind the proposals are accurate.
    • They GRASP the total cost of ownership for software projects because they understand the impacts the cost of software maintenance on the bottom line.
    • They CHOOSE more wisely between creating or buying the software they need. By running some quick analyses, they can evaluate the costs and benefits of making or buying rather than making costly assumptions.
    • They USE SEER on a daily basis to estimate, analyze, evaluate, and control project costs, schedules, and risks because they know the value of replicating real-world outcomes.
    • Make Vital Decisions with Complete Clarity

      With the right information on-hand, you can make critical decisions about software projects faster and with more certainty. Knowing your plans are realistic, objective, executable, and defendable makes your project far more likely to succeed.

      The Galorath team’s hundreds of years of combined experience in project estimation, process design, cost analysis, project management standards and best practices can make your next software project a success. You can find more information at the following links:

      If you’d like to see SEER for Software in action, contact us for a demonstration.