SEER for Software
Estimating Software Projects

We know the outcome of your next software project
-- Do you?

Plan, Analyze, and Manage Complex Software Development Projects

Our software estimation model is used by hundreds of customers on thousands of projects. SEER accurately forecasts real-world outcomes by estimating software project costs, schedule, and risk.

SEER helps you:

Make the Right Decision

Produce credible estimates and make vital choices about projects to result in achievable project plans using the powerful decision support tools built into SEER.

Avoid Project Failures

Is your software project one of the 22% that fail*? How much could have been saved had project risks been known before committing to a project with a low probability of success? SEER provides the ability to perform cost/benefit analysis before you start.

Understand Total Cost of Ownership

Most organizations fail to understand that the cost of software maintenance can be significantly more expensive than initially building a piece of software. SEER estimates these software costs early in the software planning stages.

Transform an Estimate into an Achievable Project Plan

Most organizations build software estimates and nearly all develop project plans - but few follow through and use the estimate to drive the project plan – even during re-planning. SEER can transform a cost estimate into a detailed, task oriented project plan in Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera P6 based upon any project lifecycle: Agile, Waterfall, Spiral, RUP, etc.

Benchmark Your Estimate

“Lessons learned” are important to capture – “Lessons applied” are the hallmark of a mature organization. Compare your estimates to previous project experience (yours and/or industry) to verify estimate reasonableness.

Perform Should-Cost Analysis

Ever wonder if your vendor or internal development team is providing the most reasonable cost and schedule estimate? SEER allows proactive, real-time assessments for today’s global sourcing environment by facilitating “fact-based” vendor negotiations.

Develop Winning Proposals

Every bidder hopes their proposal will be the most competitive –on both price and performance – but will it beat their competitor? SEER allows proposal teams to assess what the competition is likely to deliver in their estimate.


* According to the 2008 Gartner survey, projects considered failures occurred at rates of:

  • 14% for small projects
  • 20% for medium projects
  • 22% for large projects
  • Averaging about 20% for all types of projects

Additionally, 25% of projects failed due to functionality issues, 15% of projects failed because of high cost variance, 20% were canceled during delivery, and 18% were unsuccessful because they were substantially late.

SEER Improves Your Software Development Planning
SEER for Software helps you make vital decisions about the development and maintenance of software products to ensure that project plans are realistic, objective, executable and defendable.

  • Avoid potential project failures - Resolve planning inaccuracies and foresee unfeasible technical objectives, incorrect technology use, or unachievable requirements.
  • Quickly evaluate options and trade-offs - Assess real-time impacts of the leading cost/effort drivers and perform instant trade-off analysis of alternatives.
  • Gain valuable insight from others - Thousands and thousands of completed projects, for embedded and commercial software systems, form the basis of the SEER Knowledge Bases.
  • Create or buy existing software? Quickly determine your best “make or buy” decisions by evaluating potential cost-benefits of commercial off-the-shelf software, software re-use, and modern development methodologies.
  • Project Monitoring and Control - Traditional Earned Value methods provide a rearview mirror approach to project management. SEER combines EV with real-world development drivers such as defect removal and scope creep to provide holistic Estimates to Complete.
  • “The single most important task of a project: setting realistic expectations… Unrealistic expectations based on inaccurate estimates are the single largest cause of (project) failure.” Futrell, Shafer and Shafer, Quality Software Project Management

    Estimating project costs and schedules is one of the toughest analytical challenges faced by project professionals. Galorath has invested nearly three decades developing solutions that deliver better estimates, and concise project plans that control project costs, schedule and risk.

    SEER uses a combination of parametric algorithms, the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge bases, as well as your own data to help estimate, analyze, and evaluate projects. All SEER products have been used by organizations of all sizes and from all corners of the globe to accurately replicate real-world outcomes. Thousands of users – both technical and non-technical, use SEER daily to obtain a rapid and powerful view of the critical factors driving software projects.

    Galorath offers a variety of professional services using a cadre of consultants with hundreds of years of combined experience in project estimation, process design, cost analysis, project management standards and best practices.