Avoid Surprises In Your IT Projects by Utilizing SEER By Galorath

What tradeoffs should you consider when evaluating “Cloud Computing?” SEER for IT and SEER for Software provide effective capabilities to identify and quantify tradeoff’s including effort, costs, schedule, risks and reliability.


A Case for Project Portfolio Planning™

Software development and IT projects continue to fail at an alarming rate; meaning they fail to achieve on-time, on-budget performance and/or fail to deliver the intended results. This paper describes the need for a formal, standardized and repeatable process for project estimation and planning (Project Portfolio Planning) to support on-time, on-budget project performance. The paper then describes the process by which Galorath characterized the Force.com environment in SEER for Software, thereby allowing end-users to estimate the development costs, schedule, effort, risk and reliability of their software projects using the Force.com platform.

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Not sure where your organization falls in project estimation maturity?
Not sure what the cost and effort tradeoffs are between varying software development approaches?

Let Galorath provide an independent and detailed assessment of your organization’s project estimation and planning process maturity.

The assessment will provide:

  • An assessment of your organization’s project estimation maturity, along with recommendations for increasing your project estimation and planning effectiveness, thus providing a roadmap for process improvement.
  • An application development trade-off study and analysis:

    • Identify project cost, effort, schedule, risk and reliability for 2 to 4 development alternatives (e.g., Cloud Computing/Force.com, .Net, Java, COTS with integration)
    • Development profile from Delphi analysis
    • Comparative development process economies
    • Comparative deployment resources and systems

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