Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Software Process Improvement

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I recall, some years ago, participating on a source selection for an improved software development environment.  My part was essentially to assess the costs (personnel, time, etc.)  and the benefits (increases in productivity when the new software development was deployed.

Interesting work and right up SEER’s alley.  I looked at improved development tools and  development practices and cost reduction versus the costs and temporary reduced productivity.

Watts Humphrey of SEI published a document on costs and benefits of software process improvement that is worth review.

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  1. software process improvement on January 20th, 2010 7:14 am

    Thanks for sharing, today there are a number of useful process improvement techniques available for organizations to use and implement. However, despite the clear benefits that a process improvement program can provide to companies, many organizations simply have difficulties when it comes to implementing and sustaining a process improvement program in an effective manner.

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