IT Project Failure Warning Signs

Author: · July 20, 2010 · Filed Under IT Estimating  - 1 Comment(s)

This list was adapted from ITBusinessEdge

Lack of governance: Project criteria, roles, processes & outcomes not used or accepted by management.  Not understanding project risk.

Internal politics: Territorial fights.  Its not my job, or “they” messed up.

Communication issues between the business and IT: IT talking with the business stakeholders about bandwidth and blobs rather than end user oriented benefits.

Unclear expectations: Bad estimates and ambiguous expectations.

Lack of fact based analysis: Plans not based on facts but on opinions.  Studies have shown, for example, that projects of any magnitude can’t produce a viable estimate without a model like SEER.

Lack of input from users: IT may know how to do it but users probably know what they need better.

Changes in project without re-planning

Unplanned changes in key personnel

Unrealistic schedules: Projects on death marches.

Unanticipated operations costs: These must be estimated well up-front

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