IT Project Failure Warning Signs

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This list was adapted from ITBusinessEdge

Lack of governance: Project criteria, roles, processes & outcomes not used or accepted by management.  Not understanding project risk.

Internal politics: Territorial fights.  Its not my job, or “they” messed up.

Communication issues between the business and IT: IT talking with the business stakeholders about bandwidth and blobs rather than end user oriented benefits.

Unclear expectations: Bad estimates and ambiguous expectations.

Lack of fact based analysis: Plans not based on facts but on opinions.  Studies have shown, for example, that projects of any magnitude can’t produce a viable estimate without a model like SEER.

Lack of input from users: IT may know how to do it but users probably know what they need better.

Changes in project without re-planning

Unplanned changes in key personnel

Unrealistic schedules: Projects on death marches.

Unanticipated operations costs: These must be estimated well up-front

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  1. Project Management Tools That Work (Bruce) on August 2nd, 2010 10:30 am

    Yes, rarely is it a lack of project techniques or methodology (or fancy tools).

    The telling evidence is what it takes to “fix” organizations that have consistent IT project failures. Usually it is getting rid of bad habits (especially opinion based estimates). Once a few of the management bad habits are removed, many organizations lurch forward in improved productivity and quality. It is often like remembering to release the parking break on the car – gee, it runs so much better that way!

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