IT Risk Management Through Process, Estimation and Measurement

I had the privilege of presenting “IT Risk Management Through Process, Estimation and Measurement” at the Manila ITMPI conference on the topic of IT risk management.  There was a large, savvy audience, eager to further explore this topic.  As we have seen in other countries, many don’t look at estimation, planning, measurement, and control as critical processes.  Those organizations often have less than successful projects, late, over cost, and with missing functionality.  Conversely, those organizations that do spent mind-share on these critical planning and management functions perform much better.  Of course not all their projects are successful, but many more are, and they know when things are turning for the worse and can fix them sooner.  The three key points of the presentation were.

  1. Critical IT Systems present significant risks to organizations
  2. IT estimating processes are core to reducing risk
  3. IT estimation & metrics can help mitigate risk & empower program managers to be successful

PS:  I also got a little R&R in, scuba diving about 100 kilometers outside Manila.  Beautiful diving and very unusual dive boats… This is the exact style, but not the actual boat we dove from.

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