Thanks to SCEA For Dan’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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I received a lifetime achievement award from SCEA (Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis) this past week for the work in SEER advancing the state of the art and practice with parametric (mathematical) modeling of cost, schedule, risk & reliability for software development & maintenance (SEER for Software),  hardware development, production, operations & support (SEER for Hardware), reducing the costs of parts, processes, and assembly (SEER for Manufacturing), and IT projects and operations infrastructure and services (SEER for IT).

I must say this award was unexpected.

I would like to thank all the members of SCEA for this award which, although awarded to me, I  accepted on behalf of the entire Galorath team.

The award was presented by Bill Haseltine, SCEA president, at the international conference in Saint Louis.  Bill discussed contributions as well as a few “Dan stories” throughout the years. One story included a bet about 20 years ago between Bill and Dan where Dan paid off with a signed dollar saying “you were right Bill.”  Another was a story about Dan being so lost in a parking lot he thought his rental car had been stolen.   Thankfully Bill didn’t tell how I computed the calories served at lunch (1965 calories…. a whole day’s food for most people) and used this as an example of data collection and the need for normalization.  I felt responsible for so few people eating the dessert at my table.

Seriously, it is extremely rewarding to see so many use SEER for more successful projects and to make better decisions and to work with so many wonderful people at Galorath, our customers and partners.

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  1. Karen McRitchie on June 6th, 2009 9:27 pm

    Congratulations Dan, you deserve it. It’s great to see your contributions recognized.

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